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[Forget and Not slow down- Relient K]

"Juuusst a littttllle higher!" Tenten urged as he tried climbing higher. Was it dangerous? Yes. But hey, its not like either of them could die from doing it. ..Still, climbing up the side of an 8 story building was a little daunting. The wind was rather weak that day, and the boy kept urging the poltergeist to climb higher. Of course, the poltergeist only really needed to float, and so she did, watching Tenten climb instead. "What is it you wanted to show me all the way up here, Arthur but also Tenten?" Pip asked chipperly as he circled the boy. "I told you! The most exciting thing I’ve ever seen!" Arthur responded, the adrenaline and excitement making his voice bubbly. "What makes it the most exciting thing you’ve ever seen?" Pip continued, watching as Tenten reached up to grab the next rung of the rusted fire escape. "Its the climb to it Pip. Its hard to explain…" He cackled as he rolled onto the next platform. One last ladder was all that kept them from the roof. Huffing and puffing with a big smile on her face, Tenten sprung back up and began climbing again. "Its so dangerous, when you’re up here, the only thing you can focus on is moving up. That’s the only thing I can! Its such a struggle… Its freeing!" He sang as he reached up for the next rung. Pip hovered next to him. "I wish I could feel that… But I don’t think it’d be the same." He confessed, a bit disappointed. The realization of it kind of hit Tenten as all of a sudden, a loud squealing noise echoed as the bolts keeping the ladder up began toppling down to the ground below… Tenten and Pip let out similar yelps, Tenten scrambling up several more rungs and reaching out for the edge, for safety. He missed it by that much. The world started rushing by as he began to fall, his heart in his throat. "TENTEN!" Pip screeched. All of a sudden, the boy stopped falling. The faint outline of Pip was barely visible to him as he watched the poltergeist struggle to keep him up. "I-I’ve never-c-carried something t-this heavy… before!" Pip wheezed as slowly he began to rise. People on the ground would’ve seen a strange sight, a boy, flying up towards a roof with his sleeve stretched out. Both the boys breathed sharply as the roof grew closer and closer, Pip struggling to keep the both afloat. 

Tenten and Pip collapsed onto the roof, both trying to regain their breath. As they slowly looked back up at each other, a peal of laughter erupted from Arthur’s lungs. All of a sudden, the boy and the poltergeist were sitting and laughing with each other. Tenten’s face was red, and he looked nervous, but his grin was triumphant. “See? That’s what it feels like!” Tenten proclaimed as he got to his feet. Giggling, Pip floated back up as well. “That was really exciting!” She laughed along with him. All of a sudden, Tenten began looking around wildly. “Oh! And we’ve made it just in time too! Come on!” He shouted as he grabbed Pip’s wrist and dragged her along with him to the oppostie end of the roof. Any question Pip had about what was going on kind of got lost when the two looked out over the city. The sun was setting across the horizon. Colors of orange, pink, teal, and deep blue were painted across the black jagged outlines of buildings as the orange glowing sun dipped below the horizon. A large grin was growing on Tenten’s face.

"Hey Pip?" "Yeah Arthur but also Tenten?" "You wanna scream off of the rooftop?" "What would that do?" "Nothing. But it sounds fun!" "Why?" "Well, we’re both here, and right now, everything rocks. So why not?" 

The happy yells of two excited kids could be heard from the ground as the last rays of daylight sunk below the horizon.


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Neyra: (To Pip) Excuse me, have you seen a toy bird around here? --Asktheseparticularfanpros

Pip: A toy bird? I don’t think the blue guy has any toys, so no sorry! Why do you need a toy bird? Or did you lose a toy bird and are you looking for it!? I’ll help looking!

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(For whoever) Bay; Wow, you're really good at this catch and release thing. Every time I catch my breath around you, you make me lose it again~

Danny: How flattering. I must say you’re quite fascinating, being a humanised, walking and talking and breathing dessert, but I can’t say I’d ever even want to have any sort of intimate relationship with the likes of you, considering the fact that I’m not a big fan of sweets.

But still. Flattering. Thanks, I suppose.

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I'm glad I know sign language, it's pretty handy.

Danny: Well that’s very nice and all, but— …wait a second. Oh my zero. Oh. My. Zero.

That was a clever one.

…now get out of my apartment.

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relationship chart! : describe your relationships with others


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