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8. A slap in the face

Danny: There was a mosquito.

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20. A night together

Danny: Looks like we get to spend a night together.

Danny: Is there anything specific you want to do?

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18. Some sad news

Danny: I suppose the only sad news I can think of when it comes to you, is the fact that I have no idea who the fuck you are. Sorry about that~

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4. A goodbye letter

Danny: A goodbye letter to someone whom I have never had the pleasure of acquainting? Well, why not see what I can make up:


Danny: And there you have it.

Send me “♥♥” and I’ll generate a number to see what you get.


  1. A dirty secret
  2. Raising a baby together for three days
  3. A one night stand
  4. A goodbye letter
  5. A love letter
  6. A confession
  7. Slave for a day
  8. A slap in the face
  9. A romantic kiss
  10. A hug
  11. A rejection
  12. My muse naked
  13. A friendly kiss on the cheek
  14. Married for a week
  15. All your money stolen
  16. An insult
  17. A steamy kiss
  18. Some sad news
  19. A date
  20. A night together
  21. Any of the above

Headcanon: Danny sleeps on the couch at night for a specific reason.

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Danny: …try harder.